Arsenal vs Spurs: Wenger’s most important Game ever!

Arsenal vs Spurs: Wenger’s mist important Game ever!

Arsenal vs Spurs… The NLD… Red vs White…

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At least twice a year, two teams less than 5 miles apart go to war.
But this year, it means so much more.
For both, the opportunity of lifting the title is unbelievably close.

Being an arsenal fan, you somewhat get used to a season taking a turn for better or worse in February. That’s just how arsenal do it. Yet this year’s change seems so more severe than the others.
The NLD offers the largest and best opportunity to get the season back on track. The worst thing about it is that Arsenal vs Spurs is no longer a forgone conclusion.

Remember the days when St Totteringham’s day was in February/March? We may not even get one at all this year.

I only watched the highlights on Wednesday night, the atmosphere in the Emirates was toxic. Even me, A big Wenger fan, now understands that he is becoming somewhat hard to defend. Friends have voiced opinions of all sorts. Some say Wenger should have left on the high of the FA Cup win over Hull, others demanded his resignation way earlier. Some fight for his cause, suggesting he should stay on. On the other side, fans scream that he should leave regardless of league position come may.  My opinion is that the only credible option has just swanned himself over to the blue side of Manchester (Pep Guardiola) so I now fear that we’ll do a Manchester United when Wenger does leave. If you find me a credible replacement then I could be swayed but for now, I see no one better. Either way, the majority may soon turn against Wenger come tomorrow should Arsenal not be 3 points closer to the summit of the table come 3pm. This, will only increase further if he doesn’t bring home the title this season.

With that said, Tomorrow lunchtime is the biggest match in Wenger’s career. Bigger than 2006 CL final, the 2014 FA cup final, winning the league at OT… Tomorrow is one of those matches that really does define a legacy. Is he a success story now? Has mistake after mistake cost him?

If we lose?

He loses tomorrow, and the calls for his head will be even louder. The squads confidence will hit rock bottom, if its not already there. Atmosphere at the emirates? Forget Toxic, it’ll resemble a nuclear natural disaster. Arsenal will probably prefer to play the rest of the season away from home. We’ll be Pretty much out of the title race and champions league barring miracles. No league in over 10 years… no champions league… and he would have allowed teams such as Man City, Chelsea, Spurs and minnows Leicester to overtake us. It doesn’t help that Cech, Koscielny and Santi are missing tomorrow.

If we win?


He wins however, and victory in the the hull game could be the catalysts the gunners need to kick start this title race. The Gunners definitely need a boost. The next 2 weeks define our season. It will also settle fans. All Arsenal fans want to celebrate, this would give them that belief. It also keeps the fans off Arsenal’s back. The top 6 is far from settled.  This game is a 6 pointer if i’ve ever seen one.

I don’t think Arsenal will lose tomorrow. And I don’t necessarily fear spurs but I do understand that it’s a hell of a lot closer this year. The pressure come 12.45 will definitely on The Gunners. Tomorrow’s winners will probably finish in the top 2 and become favourites to win it all. For the first time ever, The NLD could decide a lot more than bragging rights. Winning tomorrow not only wins the war but goes a long way towards winning the title. For Arsene Wenger’s sake, it better be Arsenal.

The 4231.

@The4231formation / @Mr_Drakes


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