The SmackDown Shake-Up

The Smackdown Shake-Up!


It’s been clear for a long while that Smackdown has needed a shake up. In the early 2000’s it was almost criminal to miss an episode. Now the show is essentially a diluted raw. The WWE announced a brand split, with a distinct roster and live programming on Tuesdays. Now I don’t know whether they realised it had become stale to the US TV networks pushed them into it but here’s what the WWE should do with the revamped Smackdown Brand.


Better stories:

When Smackdown first launched, the WWE threw a lot into it. It felt like if you missed an episode, you’d miss a part of the storyline, I don’t think anyone gets that feeling anymore. To some extent, the unique roster will fix this problem but it was clear to see from years ago.

(Lol, edge and Lita isn’t an example of a good storyline, its just memorable, funny, and on Smackdown)


 New Tron:

Me personally, I actually looked forward to seeing this unique Tron after all the pyro at every PPV. Now that every PPV bar mania and the London events (we only add a couple flags, a phone box and a taxi) have this generic raw setup, the PPV feel like a glorified Raw. I know that the WWE changed to this set up in order to better facilitate HD filming, but surely tech means that unique stages can be HD and unique.

In my opinion, the stage brings a persona to the events so changing this changes the feel of a PPV and would change the persona of smackdown. Smackdown has had some iconic Trons. The giant fist, the Ovaltron… all special. Give smackdown this change and make it distinct.


Unique Persona


Raw is known as the premiere show and I doubt this will change. NXT sits firmly as the home of the new generation, the rookies of the WWE. Smackdown however is somewhat confused. Raw and NXT have clear roles, Smackdown needs one too. My suggestion would to make Smackdown home to a cruiserweight division. Give smackdown something you can only find on Smackdown. The global cruiserweight classic would help this massively.




There are many things Smackdown can change ahead of the live Re-Launch on July 19th, there’s a lot of time to Switch things up. Most of my ideas aren’t new, they are just things they should essentially bring back.  I’ll defo be tuning in live from the UK to see what Smackdown brings to the table.


Any comments? Leave them here!

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