Welcome to the 4231.

This blog is written by a Passionate Arsenal Red Member with a passion for Anything Arsenal and Football Related, The WWE and some American sports too.

I’ve just finished Media Advertising and PR at University and use this blog as a way of showcasing my supposed writing talent (I’ll leave you to be the judge) of anything football related or that I feel passionate about. I can see myself working in sports media in the future so I’m getting some practice in.

The name “4231” is derived from the formation in which Arsenal usually play. We’ve seen many great players grace that formation, so its only right that the system gets recognition too.

Im also a passionate WWE fan and will also blog passionately about this too.

Follow, Retweet and enjoy the blog and discussions on this page. Don’t b afraid to get involved, i’m always up for a debate or new ideas.

Anyways my twitter is @Mr_Drakes, and the blogs twitter is @4231formation. you’re welcome to follow, talk and get involved.




A Drakes Communications blog

For more info, check out http://www.drakescommunications.wordpress.com



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